Have you ever wondered what other social platforms and search engines are out there beside Facebook and Twitter etc? Today in Market Monday, let us look at the trending social platforms in China featuring Weibo & Sina. These two media giants consume 90% market share of China’s microblogging services, with more than 140 millions users in less than 2 years. They almost wholly serve the Mainland Chinese market, and have vastly different design interfaces, features and functionalities compared to their Western counterparts. Rich media, micro topics, trends categorization, medal reward system are introduced to the platforms to attract more users, retain elite users and encourage users to tweet actively. As their user base grows larger, how well are their stocks performing? Read on as we’ve put together a brief overview on what you should look out for in-lieu of their upcoming earnings reports!

Weibo Corp (WB) Set to Announce Earnings on Monday (Released: 05/08/2016)

Weibo is scheduled to post its quarterly earning report today. Based on the previous quarterly earnings results on May 11th, it reported $0.07 earnings per share which exceeded the estimate of $0.04. Revenue was reported to reach $113.64 million, topping estimates of $113.64 million. Analysts expect Weibo Corp to post $0.56 EPS for current fiscal year and up by $0.37 for the next fiscal year. The firm’s 50-days moving average price is $30.63 and its 200-days moving average price is $22.56. The relative strength index of the stock stands 59.88 and analysts recommendation for this stock stands at 2.10. Since the beginning of this February, Weibo Corp’s stock price has been climbing steadily. Now the stock is floating around $35 price area. So what would be the direction of Weibo Corp stock price after the earnings report today? Be sure to set your price using Call Levels today!

Citigroup Inc. Begins Coverage on Sina Corp. (SINA) (Released: 05/08/2016)

What about Sina Corp? Shares of Sina Corp opened at 55.95 on Friday. Their 50 day moving average and 200 day moving average are $52.27 and $48.59 respectively. They last posted its quarterly earnings results on May 11th and they reported earning $198.7 million during the quarter, beating the consensus estimate of $189.47. Equities analysts expect that they will post $0.85 EPS for this current year. Citigroup Inc. set a “buy” rating and a $69.00 price target on the stock. They are hoping for a potential upside of 23.32%. What is your price target for SINA? Comment below and let us know! Aside from Weibo and Sina, one of the stocks that is trending today is Yelp – a crowd-sourced local business review and social networking app founded in California. With 142 million unique users monthly, does the increasing number of unique users reflect the stock’s value?

Which way Yelp Inc. (NYSE:YELP) earnings may go (Released: 05/08/2016)

Let’s take a look at Yelp! Quarterly earnings report is set to be released on August 9 2016. Yelp’s price has since risen 0.79% to reach trading price of $31.93. Earnings per share for the recent quarter is expected to come in at -$0.07 per share with $169.82million in revenue. Looking at the Earnings Track Record, Yelp managed to beat the EPS estimate in 5 of the trailing three fiscal years and maintain a positive trend with average surprise of 41%. However, in a research note issued on July 20, 2016, analysts at Citigroup downgraded the stock from “Buy” to “Neutral”. Around the same week, Wells Fargo analysts downgraded the stock to “Underperform”. The consensus price target has been $27.73 which means that company share is expected to decrease by -13.15% in the short run. Stock has moved in price 8.24% with a 22.2% change in a year. There are a lot of negative speculation on Yelp stock and stock price has been moving a lot, so we suggest you set your price level in your Call Levels app today! How’s Twitter doing in comparison to Weibo and Sina? Is Twitter Inc ready to be taken over or is it still trying to maintain its social impact?

TWTR Stock: Is Twitter Inc a Takeover Target?

Twitter shares have certainly dropped compared to last year. It is struggling to attract new users, which is opposite to what Weibo and Sina are encountering. Speculations about a possible takeover of the company have surfaced and potentials buyers are mentioned repeatedly, including Facebook, Apple and Alphabet Inc. However, over the next few weeks, due to the Olympics in Rio, Twitter stock will likely to sustain its gain in stock price. Plus, Twitter also secured rights from NBA, NFL, Major League Soccer and Time Warner, allowing Twitter to live-stream sport events on its platform. Inside the stock market, Twitter share has gained almost 30% since this May and it is likely to continue the momentum of price rise in near future. So, Call-Levels users are advised to monitor the Twitter’s price closely to ensure execution of transaction in nick of time.