Market momentum slows and risk appetite continues to wane, despite benchmark Brent crude prices cautiously edging higher from last week’s lows. Haven asset investments like $Gold continue to gain popularity, as panic sourced from the Chinese economy gave way in favour of turmoil in global equities. In particular, Tech stocks continue to disappoint as $LNKD sank -45% last week; causing this week’s earnings expectations for TWTR, FEYE and TSLA to plummet. Meanwhile, the BoJ’s dramatic move to negative interest rates last week, saw $JPY touch 14-month highs against $USD and more gains to come. Expect volatility to continue, following the buildup to the Fed’s Wednesday meeting on future rate hikes as uncertain economic conditions and EM turbulence persists.

Watch BZ.NYMEX at 34.00

BZ.NYMEX @ 34.00

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XAUUSD @ 1200

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LNKD @ 87.00

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USDJPY @ 116.50

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Trading updates

The S&P 500 continues to trade with a good amount of volatility with the more bearish head and shoulders pattern prevailing at this time after 1872 gave way. For now, we maintain a view that a bounce to the 1960-1990 region should materialise in the coming sessions despite how bad everything looks. Our alternative bearish scenario if the market were to close under 1812 would be to see 1770 next before a more substantial bounce is seen.

POSITION: LONG 1,000 XIV @ 22.47

Watch SP500 at 1910.00

SP500 @ 1910.00

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