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Angst Going into March Quarter’s Earnings Report (Release: 25/04/2016): Forbes contributor Chuck Jones notes APPL may be in line with analyst expectations, but June quarter considers the impact of its first year on year decline. Jones’ analysis picks from the best of the best, and leads APPL’s general consensus that focuses on managing expectations as revenues, iPhone sales dropped yet managed to outperform with a consistently low price-to-sales ratio.

Akamai Technologies Set To Announce Earnings (Release: 26/04/2016): A succinct and necessary overview of AKAM’s performance over the past few quarters. From its track record so far, analysts expect to see the cloud-based service provider remain attractive to investors, with around 15 analysts giving a buy rating.

Can Facebook (FB) Keep its Earnings Streak Alive in Q1? (Release: 27/04/2016): Positive earnings surprises look to continue as FB continues to expand its mobile monetisation plans. With an ever-expanding user base, product range and robust advertising platform via Instagram; do not expect gains in the interim but rather in the long term as AI & VR investments materialise.

And bringing us into midweek…

Is it time to buy GlaxoSmithKline? (Release: 27/04/2016): Healthcare and biotech giant GSK looks well positioned to continue as investors’ top pick with a consistently low PE ratio, high dividend yields and low price-cashflow ratios. Despite market headwinds and internal organisational management, GSK earnings will set the theme for biotech investors going forward.