When I decided I wanted to do an internship in a start-up company I had a sense of what start-up working environments were like, but I never knew it would be so fun and such a beneficial learning opportunity. All stages of my Internship at Call Levels, from the interview, to any single day in the office, to my farewell, were unforgettable.

As you normally do before an interview, I read enough on Call Levels to know how the company came to be, considering it is a young company, along with other basics. You can imagine my surprise when I realized that I was being interviewed by the VP of growth, along with the co-founder. To say I was nervous would be an understatement, but when we managed to overcome the accents’ misunderstandings it was more like a pleasant conversation than an interview. After the interview I was satisfied knowing that if I would be working with people similar to them, I would enjoy the internship tremendously. What I did not know was that I would be working alongside them. This was another big surprise, but one I didn’t find out until I got to Singapore and eventually to the office.

The first day at the office my interviewers took me to lunch and gave me a detailed overview, not only of what Call Levels does, but what it hopes to do in the future. I really appreciated this because, although I was going to be working with them short term, they still let me in into their ultimate goals as a company and their motives behind it. It was indeed a worthwhile learning opportunity, but mostly it was truly inspiring to see such talented people work for something that they deeply believe in; in this case, it was making financial markets more accessible to everyone through providing free and immediate price alerts. Having spent time in the financial industry themselves, they identified a service that consumers needed, and made it their goal to provide it for free. And even though it might sound simple, it takes a lot of work. And work, I did.


The first event I attended on my first day at work!

The first Fintech event I attended on my first day at work!


As an intern at a young age the biggest fear we have is wasting our time at an office, just waiting for the clock to tick and eventually get out. At Call Levels, I barely had time to look at the clock. My tasks ranged anywhere from blog publications to providing analytics for the investors deck. I was trusted with things I never thought I would be doing as an intern, but with good control to avoid making significant mistakes. Doesn’t mean I didn’t make any, quite the contrary, and every single time I was treated with patience. I thought I had a lot of work but watching the people around me was the definition of hard work. Call Levels is the graphic description of “Work hard, play hard.” The work load made days fly by, but it was the team that made those days unforgettable.

The team was very diverse with people from Malaysia and India and, well, Singapore obviously. Being from Paraguay, and this internship being the reason for my first trip to Asia, I was inevitably exposed to different cultures pertaining to the people at Call Levels. Regardless of where they were from they all made me feel part of the Call Levels family. During the internship I was invited to soccer games, team runs, team lunches, events, and I was delighted to have celebrated a few birthdays too. But to be honest, even if I hadn’t had the chance to participate in the activities outside the office, I would have still loved every day at Call Levels, for no day was the same as the other.

Going out for lunch with the tech and design team!

Going out for lunch with the tech and design team!

My bosses made sure I had a smooth farewell and they invited me out to dinner to say goodbye. On my last day, I cooked some Paraguayan dishes and brought them to the office so that the team tried some Paraguayan traditional food before I left. It’s worth clarifying that I only cook on special occasions. I still keep in touch with people in the office and hopefully will still do in the future. Despite the fact that the last thing I wanted to do was leave, I had to be grateful of for the opportunity of this amazing experience.
3 phrases/words to briefly summarize my experience as an intern in Call Levels:

  • Inspiring
  • FUN!

Shanti is currently an honors student at Northeastern University in Boston, candidate for a bachelor’s degree in both finance and management. She has worked in John Hancock’s investment division and has recently been hired in Genae America’s finance team. She has lived her whole life in Paraguay and left to the USA for college.