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Featured Call Levels User

Daniel Chia

What I do
Hi I’m Daniel, co-founder of Call Levels. I was a portfolio manager for years working with the GIC and Ortus Capital, a billion dollar hedge fund in HK. I created Call Levels because it is something I’ll use everyday. In Asia, a lot of markets move in the middle of the night, and we need a platform that focuses on making sure you know when prices reach your targets.

My view
We’ve been telling everyone we know that that there was a lot of interest in the USD, and the recent moves have validated that. I think USD will go higher – especially against the Ringgit (4.5) and AUD (0.7000).

Where it’s going
This correction saw a lot of hot money flow out of speculative assets, mostly because Asia, the world’s growth driver, seems to be slowing down. There will be more moves as the economies adjust. However, the world’s biggest consumer, the US economy, seems to be in a far better state than five years ago, and will cushion a lot of the slowdown – the fundamentals are still there.

$AUDUSD @ 0.7

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