Jamie Buffet, a prominent US investor panicked when US technology stocks dropped.

Call Levels’ new heart-rate monitoring feature alerted him when his stocks value fell and heart rate spiked.

It was a normal Friday morning for Jamie Buffet, one of the largest technology investors at Horowitz Hathaway. However, following Yanet Hellen from US #Fed reported a hike and pushed technology stock prices into freefall.

Buffet saw over half of his portfolio drop in value, leading to an elevated heart rate >100 beats per minute (bpm).

Luckily for Buffet, he was an early adopter of Call Levels beta – a financial monitoring app which recently added a new heart rate monitoring function to alert users on elevated heart rates.

According to Call Levels, his average resting heart rate was within the normal range of 80-100 bpm (when he was calm before the news) and sharply rose to over 180 bpm when he got the Call Levels alert.

From the Apple Watch device screenshot – Call Levels, which is free – shows his heart rate was high for the day but returned to a calmer level that night.

Speaking to media, Call Levels newly-appointed VP of Health Elon Toh says “We’re always looking out for our users – watching the markets and your heart rate, so you don’t have to!”

Indeed, Toh said market participants may have the most risk-averse strategies but still have high heart rates.

“They don’t look after themselves – in the markets, eating habits or even exercising. So they may DIE – unless they have Call Levels” he explains.

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