CoAssets has been at the forefront of promoting crowdfunding and advocating educational events to empower and inspire people and this is the main thrust of EPICSG2016. With this year’s theme of “Achieving Greater Possibilities with Financial Opportunities,” the event aimed to bring investors, opportunity providers and start-ups together to discuss pertinent issues and subjects such as sustaining business growth, managing business life-cycle challenges and accessing about Crowdfunding in Asia, and how Crowdfunding can complement and add value to the entire finance ecosystem.


The EPIC series started 2 years ago and has successfully concluded its third Expo in Property, Investing and Crowdfunding (EPIC) event in Singapore, drawing more than 700 enthusiastic participants, a 40% increase since the first event in July 2014. This indicated robust interest in alternative finance and FinTech, as well as strong investor’s appetite to spot and support promising start-ups.  The event also rewarded participants by giving away S$1,000 CASH to 5 lucky winners who were at the event.

CoAssets recently concluded another successful run of the EPIC series campaign meant to empower the crowdfunding industry. EPICSG 2016 was held at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel early this month which saw various and eager investors looking at the companies that are using crowdfunding as well as the project initiators themselves eager to prove themselves in their chosen field.

During the event, the startup alley held a competition which would pick out a winner from six startup finalist. And after much deliberation, the audience has chosen Call Levels as the winner and walked away S$5,000 richer! The multi-awarded startup who has garnered recognition from other financial markets such as in London and in New York said they feel awesome and actually draws motivation from the fact that they are able to help improve other people’s lives.

EPICSG 2016 has chosen Call Levels as startup alley winner

Daniel Chia and Cynthia Siantar developed this real-time financial monitoring as well as notification service to help simplify what is already a complicated task for most investors. The application gives users the ability to know when their assets reach a pre-selected level which helps them be on top of their investments.

The app was built around the premise that it has to be optimized for the mobile cloud to enable users to bring the technology wherever they go. Simplicity in the financial world happens too far in between and Call Levels has certainly given financial access to users in the most efficient way possible as well as allow users take charge of their own financial success.


Market use

Cynthia Siantar believes that what made them stand out in the crowd was their ability to empower their users in their financial investing journey. Trying to stay on top of price alerts for Singapore and even US equities is a difficult task and they help their customer base tackle this difficult part of their journey. This makes them invaluable and an important tool for their users.

When asked how other startups can move ahead, Ms Siantar believes they would need persistence on their side to make it to the next level. There will be struggles but she said “there will be light at the end of the tunnel” and to never give up.


EPIC series benefits

She also pointed out how the EPIC series was a great platform which helped them reach out to a lot more people. These are the same individuals who they would not have had the opportunity to interact with if not for the event. This has essentially led to interesting conversations with a lot of what they refer to as “potential users.”

The event helped them reinforce their findings that there are a lot of people who has difficulty monitoring financial market. This can be due to sheer amount of data that has to be analyzed plus the fact that people are now moving in a fast paced world that time is starting to be a rare commodity. Ms Siantar is just relieved that they have something useful for these consumers .

When asked what was next for the company, Ms Siantar pointed out that they are looking at a global expansion for their company. They are looking to have presence in global financial markets such as in Hong Kong, New York and even in London. They are also looking to forge strategic partnerships with global financial partners to strengthen their foothold in the industry. But this is not after the whole team uses part of their S$5,000 prize money for great meal for a job well done. Now that is a good way to start their journey!


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