In a recent poll created by Call Levels, we decided to ask our users and readers what they thought would be the possible outcomes of the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, what they would like to invest in before the election and how the elections might affect the overall global economy. With over 130 responses received since we published our poll, read on for a rundown on what Call Levels readers think of the election and get their take on the market’s trajectory before and after Americans head to the polls on November 8.


1) What is the WORST thing that could happen if Donald Trump were to win this election and be the next President?

As we have a look at the possible answers, 50% of respondents think that if Donald Trump were to be elected as the next President, the economy and stock market will tumble and we can expect a Great Depression again. Last week, we wrote about how the upcoming Presidential election could lead to the biggest Black Swan event in history and the poll seems to agree with the views. 20% of respondents thought that a war with Russia and China might be on the cards too, but with Hillary Clinton calling Donald Trump a puppet of Putin and the Russian government, are we really headed there? 17% actually think that if Trump were to become the next President, his toupee might be the next biggest selling thing on the Internet and 13% of respondents think that his rigid and opposing behavior might as well just call for a nuclear war and end life on Earth. Given the mind-boggling list of insults he’s already hurled at his detractors, some of our readers must really be preparing for the worst!


2) What Is The WORST Thing That Could Happen if Clinton Were to Win The Election?



On to Hillary Clinton, we received rather mixed reviews about how her victory would affect the people. 34% feel that the liberal views of Hillary and the Democratic party could hurt the United States in the long run, while 33% people thought that small businesses and the middle class would have to face the heat as new regulations could provide a drastic change of events for the middle class. In a recent index conducted by, “one in five people would sell their small business if Clinton were elected as the next President and would jump ship if Clinton takes office — while 31% of prospective buyers said they would be less likely to purchase a small business” reported Small Business Trends.

By contrast, 57% of sellers and 54% of buyers believe that Trump would most likely improve America’s current small business climate. So, the question to ask looking at the majority of votes is: Is Hillary aiming towards making the rich, richer?

22% of respondents think there is a chance of Putin declaring war on her and Putin confirmed the same addressing the frightened Russian people, “If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war.” The Russian President’s ally also urged the American people to vote for Trump or face a nuclear war straight away, reported Express. 11% also think that America might face a civil war if there is a ban on gun possession. Hillary Clinton has been clear on her stance on gun violence prevention and her campaign speaks clearly about how power should be vested upon the FBI and the government as her campaign concludes by saying that all weapons of violation must stay outside the streets of America.

So then, why do people support the two nominees? Let us have a look.


3) Why do people support Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton?





After finally looking at their flaws, we tried to reflect on what it is about the nominees that people really like and extend their support for. Well, things did not seem to have turn out right for Donald Trump as majority (46%) of the people think that all he does is embodies the rage of the middle-class. In Hillary’s case, 44% thought that the only reason to elect her as President is to keep Donald Trump out of office. With almost half of the audience thinking this, does Hillary also not deserve to be here? Though, people also praised Hillary in the above-mentioned options as she combined 40% joint votes of people that thought that she has the ability to work with the Republicans and keep her cool as President by not throwing tantrums when she was let down or insulted.

16% of respondents also thought that she will promote equal opportunity as a female President as America has a different minimum wage system for the genders. Looking at majority of people thinking that Hillary should be in the office solely with the reason of keeping Trump out, we thought it would be a good question to ask who people think can be a good President?








With Kanye announcing his will to run in 2020, we thought we’d make some sensible choices as to who people would vote for if the above-mentioned individuals were to run for President. 41% of the people thought that Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg would be a good choice. With Zuckerberg already donating 99% of his shares ($45 billion) after the birth of his daughter, the sixth richest person in the world and philanthropist can be a good candidate for the office. 30% of the people would also like to vote for Elon Musk, our real life version of Iron-Man who is the mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity and various technological advances in the world. The 45-year old business magnate is definitely a worthy candidate.

22% people thought that George Soros, the financial expert and political activist can be one of the leading candidates too. Mr. Soros has already funded Hillary Clinton’s campaign by giving her $8 million. Lastly, 7% people thought that the former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin could also be a good candidate. This election, Palin has backed Donald Trump to win the election and also campaigned for him in Iowa.


5) Is it worth the risk?

With major concerns over the market post-election, we decided to ask people what they would like to invest in before the elections. Here are the results:



While the market has been very uncertain amidst the election, 45% of people are ready to take the risk and would like to invest in stocks. Even though many think of it as a risky investment, people might find this time as a money making opportunity. With Brexit and the price of Pound falling significantly low, 27% of the respondents thought that forex would be a good investment before the elections as the dollar could either jump to an all-time high or plummet. 21% chose to invest in commodities whereas 7% thought that the Bitcoin market might experience some change with the upcoming election. “Higher the risk, higher the return” is the basic principle of Finance and the election results can change fortunes of many.

But, at the end of the day, what do we expect? We also asked what the people to think about the market performance post election!


6) After Party?


The tough question that had everyone thinking about was how markets would react after the election? As the data shows, people had mixed opinions about all 3 options. 33% thought that market sentiments would be positive, 31% people feel that there would be negative market sentiments with the election taking place  and 36% people thought that the election would not be a deciding factor at all. With almost equal views regarding the market performance, what can be a good guess?

As CNN reported, a big bounce can come in equities before the year, as the months leading up to a general election have tended to be positive for stocks. On the other hand, CNBC reported that a bearish market is to follow irrespective of whoever wins the election because central banks will dominate markets just as they have for the past 8 years. The main driver of asset price inflation over the past seven years has been the ‘stimulus’ provided by the major central banks. With Janet Yellen’s speech on a high-pressure economy, U.S. might not increase the Federal Funds rate and the market might as well be headed towards a bearish perspective.


There is good news for the 36% of people who voted in favor of ‘no significant change’ as MarketWatch reported, “No president can put the brakes on the market, nor wants to. Whoever wins in November inherits a market that has a long bull rally and the potential to keep going, if only because Wall Street tends to climb a proverbial wall of worry.” Which of the either side will it turn out to be? Only the election results can answer.


7) But who?


Finally, it was necessary to ask the question: Who will be the next President?

This might not come as a shock to many, but Hillary Clinton was able to grab 83% of the votes from our poll to become the next President. As of time of writing, Hillary Clinton has managed a 12 point lead over Donald Trump and we are only 2 weeks away from finding out who the 45th American President would be. We have discussed both sides of the argument and acknowledged the worst as well as the reasons behind the support of the two Presidential candidates, but what is going to follow can only be judged best with time. Is Donald Trump the only one that can calm tensions between Moscow and Washington? Can Hillary provide fair wages and be an advocate of equal rights for the people? What is a good investment to go for and in what direction is the market headed towards?

These are a few questions that will be debated in the coming 2 weeks. But, the final outcome of who shall be the next President and what new policy he/she brings can only be judged in the coming time.

You can also cast your votes about how do you feel about the candidates and who will be the next President here.