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This Monday we decided it wouldn’t hurt to update our users on the stocks of the social media platforms; whether to connect us to old friends we haven’t seen in years or to old colleagues for a job recommendation, or even to help us decide what we want to eat. In any event, social media has inevitably become a significant part of our lives.

Analysts Downgrades: LinkedInCorp (NYSE:LNKD): (Released: 16/06/2016)
In case you haven’t heard, last Monday Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT) closed the deal to acquire LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE:LNKD) at $196 per share in an all cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion. Regardless, Jeff Weiner will remain CEO and the company will maintain its distinct brand and culture. The news of the recent engagement between Microsoft and LinkedIn hasn’t been either spectacular or terrible for the stocks. At Friday’s close LinkedIn was at $190.80, down 0.28% from the previous day.

TWTR Stock: Is It Time to Give Up on Twitter Inc?: (Released: 17/06/16) Profit Confidential reminds us that being in the news does not always mean good news. Twitter’s stock has been been battered over speculation of an acquisition by Microsoft; looks like they were pushed aside by LinkedIn, as mentioned. Twitter has failed to grow its user base as compared to other giants like Facebook, making them less attractive. To offset this they are trying a couple of different things to find their “game-changing event:” they are pushing their “First View” video service which allows companies around the world to display video advertising on their platform and they invested $70 million for a 10% stake in SoundCloud. Only time can tell whether these will work, but props to Twitter for trying.

Company Shares of Yelp Rally 0.34%: (Released: 20/6/2016) And then there’s Yelp, who connects people with local businesses by bringing word of mouth online and providing a platform for businesses and consumers to engage and transact. Yelp (NYSE:YELP) should by no means be underestimated, for it has climbed 0.34% and advanced 6.83% in last 4 weeks. Furthermore, the company has outperformed the S&P 500 by 1.54%. Company shares have been rallying in the past week. Eric Arthur gives us some commentaries on insider trading activity, like the company’s COO, Donaker Geoffery L. unloading 6,000 shares, the total transaction amounting to $162,660. Overall analysts are currently rating the stock as a Buy, with a target of $41 per share.

Up to Date Stocks News Review: Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T): (Released: 20/6/2016) And lastly, but most certainly not least, is Facebook. Even Though they dropped -0.18% to $114.39 on Thursday, they have an interesting prospect for the company with the talks about “bots”, or automated chat programs, to assist businesses more efficiently talk to customers. Besides, they just released a number of products, including an open-source 360 video camera and updates to its new live video feature, Facebook Live. However, Leah Johnson does focus more on the Messenger Platform, which the company hopes will reshape how businesses communicate.