Can you tell me about Call Levels?

Call Levels is a fintech company that provides financial markets price monitoring and alerts and equalizes the playing field for all levels of investors. Its easy-to-use app interface that only requires a one-time login, after which users will always be able to receive its monitoring and alert functions anytime, anywhere. There are over 300 million investors globally who share 3 common problems in the financial markets and Call Levels alleviate these problems for them:

  1. Fear of missing out on market movements and opportunities
  1. Existing market notification service not scalable
  1. Current solutions are expensive

On the institutional side, Call Levels’ open API offers plug-and-play solutions into existing financial systems. These solutions span across omni-channels such as websites, mobile apps, chatbots in messaging interfaces (Facebook) and Microsoft Excel. Banks, brokerages, and other financial institutions can integrate these solutions into their own or any other third-party platforms without having to invest heavily in building their own systems.

Why did you start Call Levels?

The idea all started in a car ride conversation between my co-founder, Daniel and myself, when we were discussing about “What is the ONE thing that all financial market participants needed but never had a good solution for?”

Call Levels, referring to the commonly used trading floor lingo ‘Call me when the price reaches this level’ was something Daniel used to set with his salespeople during his days as a hedge fund manager (client). This process is labor-intensive, not scalable and expensive for financial institutions. Hence, it is a premium service that is only made available to selected clients.

From this, we both decided to focus our relevant skills (being from the Finance industry previously) and startup experience to provide the best price monitoring and alerts technology for everyone in the financial markets. We aim to provide the simplest of solutions to this problem, by developing our own application that addressed these needs. With the realization that the market is saturated with needlessly expensive, complex and unwieldy financial trading tools and applications, Call Levels was created as a free real-time market monitoring and price notification tool. We democratize financial information by making it truly accessible to everyone at no cost.

Who are your target customers?

With over 300 million investors globally, our solution is targeted at both retail and professional investors who need to be alerted about financial market movements or opportunities. In addition, our cloud-based technology and open API enable us to service both corporations and financial institutions.

What is your traction so far? 

Call Levels has over 200,000 individual users globally from over 100 countries, a majority of whom are based in key global financial markets such as the US, UK, Dubai, and Singapore. Over the past year, user base has grown 25x due to our ability to scale efficiently by leveraging on our patent-pending cloud solution. Most recently, Call Levels was named the 2nd fastest growing Finance App in the US for Q3 2016 according to App Annie.

What’s your revenue model?

B2C: A premium subscription model feature will be introduced in our Call Levels mobile app, so that users can increase their Call Levels quota and enjoy enhanced features.

B2B: Monthly pricing packages will also be offered for Financial Institutions (Banks & Brokerages), Professionals (Wealth Managers) and Enterprises (Corporate Clients). This encompasses a mix of custom pricing methodology and/or a fixed monthly fee.

Why customers use your solution versus your competitors?

Call Levels distinguishes itself on the simplicity, accessibility and reliability to deliver immediate price monitoring and notifications to users, consequently enabling them to stay ahead in volatile markets. As we focus our efforts greatly on providing the most accurate and reliable monitoring services, we are the experts on it.

Do you have partners and how do they contribute to the growth of Call Levels?

Call Levels has successfully established a first-of-its-kind revenue-generating partnership with DBS (the largest bank in Singapore). This deal will allow the latter’s customers to access proprietary market monitoring services and price alerts for SGX equities directly from the Call Levels mobile app. DBS aims to strengthen its retail private client trading capabilities as part of its efforts to enhance client engagement through this partnership that makes tracking investments simpler for its customers.

Call Levels has also been selected to present our solution with Microsoft at the recent Fintech Festival in Singapore.

What is your plan for the next six to twelve months for Call Levels?

  1. Continue Strong User Growth Momentum in Key Financial Markets
  1. Expansion into International Markets: HK, Japan etc.
  1. Infrastructure and Tech Expansion (Microsoft Excel Plugin, Open API)
  1. Secure more Financial Institution Partnerships


If you want to improve returns on your equity, forex, commodity and even bond investments by leveraging the power of market monitoring and real-time alerts, download Call Levels: