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A rocky start to the week, as OpEx producers reach a standstill on the oil output deal. Meanwhile, EM markets continue their struggle to break the correlation with crude prices; while a heavy US earnings week takes the spotlight.

Key earnings to look out for:

Strategic Imperatives Are In Focus (Release: 18/04/2016): Lior Ronen (@Lior_Ronen) notes (IBM’s) earnings due for release impacted by it’s trajectory from hardware to software. Indeed, Ronen notes IBM’s currency pressures, its long-term business strategies and consistent dividend disbursements are likely to see investors’ continue to favour its trend as long-position stock pick.

Netflix earnings, what to watch (Release: 18/04/2016): With earnings due out later this evening, analyst Daniel Sparks (@DanielSparks) gives a systematic breakdown of Netflix’s focus on content creation and international expansion. Expensive investments aside, investors would not be remiss in their expectations of positive earnings.

The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. earnings reaction history (Release: 19/04/2016): Tom Burr from ZergWatch gives a brief overview of Goldman Sachs financials from FY2015. With cost-cutting strategies in play, as Goldman Sachs restructures its fixed-income and trading divisions — expect EPS declines as the firm streamlines operations.

Yahoo’s potential sale to take centre stage (Release: 19/04/2016): As takeover bids from Verizon, Daily Mail and others cluster — Jennifer Booton (@jbooton) notes Yahoo’s upward trend ahead of earnings release on Wednesday. With sales and revenue experiencing year-on-year declines, it remains to be seen whether the eventual buyer’s synergies match with Marissa Meyer’s last-ditch attempt to save Yahoo from itself.

The Johnson & Johnson DRIP Continues to Effortlessly Beat The Market (Release: 19/04/2016): Anthony, who goes by the The Struggling Millennial moniker, evaluates Johnson & Johnson’s earnings expectations influenced by its Re-Investment Plan that continues to drive high dividend growth rates. Indeed, his analysis systematically breaks down Johnson & Johnson’s CAGR that continues to outperform historical returns gained from major indices, like the S & P 500.

Finishing off, midweek…

FaceBook: Ignore the Noise (Release: 20/04/2016): Amidst rumoured drops in traffic and slowdown in content sharing, Facebook nonetheless looks well positioned to deliver on earnings expectations. Joe Albano notes the importance of metrics; isolating data points from fundamentals to draw Facebook’s growth trajectory over the past quarter.

Stay tuned for our Feature Friday post rounding off this week’s earnings announcements!