The Panama Papers are a series of 11.5M files leaked from the database of the world’s fourth largest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca. The papers not only expose the questionable riches concealed by public officials, but also the international elite as they continue to actively conceal deal taxation and avoid prosecution.

Shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICJ) after having been obtained from a source by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung; the Panama Papers draw attention to the banal reality of tax evasion and drive up public pressure to action against it.
Must reads for this week…

Panama Papers: A History of Tax Evasion from Ancient Rome to the French Revolution to 19th Century New Jersey: Jason Zweig (@jasonzweigwsj) takes on the historical factors of Ancient Rome, to French Revolution to Monte Carlo that build the precedent of tax avoidance that has embedded distrust of financial markets.

Panama Papers: A massive document leak reveals a global web of corruption and tax avoidance: If you only have a minute or two, Matty Yglesias (@mattyyglesias) gives new meaning to the terms “sweet and short” in his piece covering the long and short of the scandal. His commentary on secrecy matched with Zucman’s analysis on the funds in offshore accounts validate the perceptions of illegitimacy.

The Five Most Important Charts From The Panama Papers Leaks: Zlata Rodionova (@zlata07) notes the methodology that has driven the revelations regarding the operations utilized by the shell companies. Indeed, she targets the 5 key power players, firms and countries by noting the flexible mechanisms governing the status of company entities.

Explore the Panama Papers key figures: A subset of the ICIJ Investigation, it includes the methodologies and the visualisation techniques to display the leaked internal client database using and intermediary breakdown in each country.

And finally…

Inside Panama Papers: How Cloud Analytics Made It Possible: Alex Woodie (@alex_woodie) breaks down the data science techniques, from calibration to collaboration and to presentation. To put the scope of the data investigation in perspective, Woodie notes Panama Papers investigation, is 10x bigger than those leaked by Edward Snowden, more than 1000x bigger than those leaked by Julian Assange.

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