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A passionate advocate for communications networking, Andrea Loubier continues to leverage on her skills in content building, market research as well as project management experiences with MNCs like Procter & Gamble, KAO, Ubisoft, General Electric and more, to redefine software development as we know it.

Enter Mailbird.

The email productivity tool with a singular interface that integrates email, calendar, task and messaging, is raising the bar for productivity and efficiency across organisations globally.

Read on to see what keeps Founder-CEO Andrea Loubier going and her drive to raising female entrepreneurship.


What compelled her to start a Tech company?

“Energy and culture” Andrea notes were some of the key instigators from her days working at a software company.

Having always maintained a desire to build a business from the ground up — she took the plunge to move to South-East Asia and begin her tech startup.

Rather than planning it out, she warrants “[having] no idea where to start” worked in her favour and validated her existing desire to learn.
Taking a leaf from Nike’s “Just do it” motto – Andrea’s approach is proactive and pragmatic, “[If] you fail then you adjust and get better!”


What are the main challenges she has experienced till date? What keeps her going?

From coordinating time zones, facilitating product development to tracking its progress and working through the ever-present finance rounds are some of her key challenges.

Her answer to staying motivated?

“Find a way to make it happen!”

Indeed, Andrea notes the power of staying persistent empowers her drive to “make things happen.”


As she works towards resolving challenges at Mailbird, what are some insights she received?

Doing a thorough cultural analysis prior to launching in a new geographic region, Andrea finds that she has refined her product development process. From coming to terms with the fact(s) “you can’t please everyone” — she advocates the strategy to “stick to the core product and include relevant feedback to maintain the vision.”


Are there any advantages to being a woman in a male-dominated industry like technology?

Andrea notes the importance of other women like herself “sharing their stories to drive changes in the landscape.”

With the industry ripe for a “kick in the ass” – she looks forward to seeing more women coming forward, regardless of having a technical/IT background.

“[From] rocking, running and growing a tech startup – sans an IT or Tech background” it’s clear Andrea’s trademark drive and persistence holds her in good stead.


What guidance can she offer other women aspiring to be successful in Tech startups?

“Do your research. Get your feedback in pre-launch” are Andrea’s key takeaways.

Managing stress and overcoming failures are key skills to learn, honing experience and building up a wiser and stronger persona.

And finally, “having fun while planning a minimum of two months in advance” – she believes will prepare well all entrepreneurs to fight all the way till the end!

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