In honour of International Women’s Day, we’d like to present a five-part series covering Asian powerwomen in business/tech. These women are leaders; from building up unique entrepreneurship ecosystems, to driving product management and pushing for community engagement.

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The common success factor prevalent in these women?

The capacity to acknowledge the barriers, be it metaphorical or otherwise and driving their focus on egalitarian efforts to continue innovating and empowering the global economy.

Our first profile focuses on Cynthia Siantar, Co-Founder at Call Levels.

The vivacious influencer listed under Forbes Asia’s inaugural “30 under 30” and ex-finance professional, Cynthia completed stints at both Mercer and HSBC. However, determined to make a direct impact she made the move to entrepreneurship founding BlastOut, a geo-located social startup. Though BlastOut was unsuccessful, she cites “the importance of identifying a real problem and focusing on creating the best solution.” Clearly, this insight has held her in good stead, seeing her successfully co-found Call Levels, a cloud-based market monitoring and immediate price alerts.

The main challenges she has experienced to-date?

As Call Levels continues to see exponential growth, Cynthia admits it wasn’t without its challenges – key amongst which include “increasing user traction and fundraising.”
An interesting, (if not outright outrageous) observation, she notes how even her “choice of footwear” is indicative of the importance of the meeting…. Go figure.

What are some unexpected insights she received?

The secret to her success:

“Hustle and stay humble!”

Specifically being in the startup world, Cynthia approaches things from a unique perspective, understanding the point goes far beyond just having all the answers; but rather, as a founder to stay open to ideas and start conversations to learn from others’ experiences.

What keeps her going?

On a day-to-day basis, she points out the importance of “working together with a great team, and understanding what the users really want.”
From this, it comes down to better understanding user wants, receiving positive feedback – validating the potential for a great upside.

And what does she hope to achieve going forward with Call Levels?

A testament to Cynthia’s success with Call Levels in early 2016, has seen her inaugurated as one of Forbes 30 under 30 along with Call Levels receiving strategic investment from the Lippo Group.
Going forward, she looks forward to driving her efforts to reaching a great upside by expanding Call Levels “to enable services in the financial markets” by successfully raising Series A funding as well as launching a business partnership with a major financial institution.


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