Creating a Call Level has never been so easy

1 Always start with the Add button

Simply tap on the Add Button at the bottom of the screen to begin creating your call level. For Android users, the floating action button is at the bottom right.

2 Select your market

Pick your assets from a variety of markets. We provide you with the ability to track Forex to Equities all within one app.

3 Slide to set your price

The bar turns green if the level is higher than the current market price and turns red when the level is lower.

iOS Power Tip You can double tap the bar to enter a precise level to track.

4 Great job on creating your first level!

The dashboard gives you an overall view of all your levels. You can track multiple levels easily at a glance.

Tips and Guides

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Share your levels

iOS Users Slide an individual level on your dashboard to reveal the action buttons. You can Delete, Share or Duplicate another level easily. To edit a level, simply delete it first and re-create it.

Android Users Click the Menu icon at the end of each level to reveal the action menu.