Call Levels is pleased to announce the release of our Plus subscription! Our goal is to make trading easy for you and based on popular demand, we have released a brand new enhancement to our app which will enable you to track a greater number of assets while enabling you to perform a wider variety of tasks at the same time.



Set 30 Call Levels

Calling all registered Call Levels users! Amongst all the feedback we’ve received over the past two years, this is one that we get most often: you want more than 10 call levels! We’ve heard you loud and clear, that’s why you can now Triple Up with our new Plus subscription so you won’t have to miss out on your favourite stocks, currencies, commodities, indices and bitcoin anymore. Gather your assets and monitor up to 30 active levels on your dashboard NOW!

Advanced Alert Options

Notifications right at your fingertips! You can now enable 5-minute reminders when a Call Level is HIT. We make sure to remind you whenever your call level is hit, no matter what. Immediacy, Time to market and Convenience are at the forefront of what we promise and deliver. Bid goodbye to keeping an eye on your mobile, desktop and laptop and let us deliver you news when it matters!

Broadcast List

Since sharing is caring, you can now broadcast your active call levels with as many as 100 contacts with Call Levels Plus. Let everyone take a sneak peek at how your assets have been performing while providing them with invaluable market insights at the same time.


Exclusive Plus-only Updates

We want you to feel special and know that you are being heard. Manage your active levels better with exclusive access to new and recent updates only for our PLUS subscribers. Stay ahead of the game as we unlock exciting features exclusively for you!


Weekly Market Updates

Our Market Summary, Investor Reports and Trading Articles will give you an overall snapshot of the latest topics surrounding the market. Protect your investments and be up-to date with everything around you.


Go Plus for FREE!

Call Levels PLUS is available at only USD4.99 a month or USD49.99 annually, which works to be a bargain at USD4 a month!

To welcome you aboard the all new Call Levels Plus experience, we’re excited to offer a free subscription for one month! Simply update the app, and upgrade your account to a Plus subscription from your Profile.



Get it on iTunes and Google Play

If you do not have our app yet, download it today! Call Levels is also available for FREE, allowing you to track up to 5 assets when you sign up with your Facebook, Google+ or email account: 




Check out our pricing page for more details about Call Levels Plus or get in touch with us if you have more questions.