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GoPro’s earnings are out! After a bitter year for the versatile cameras company earnings are out only disappoint a little further. Although sales were better than expected their price is still going down by 6.05%. Find out why..

Go Pro Swings to Deep Loss (Release: 05/05/2016):
As reported by Georgia Wells (@georgia_wells), even though revenue halved as compared to last year, GoPro still beat sales expectations, but not without a material loss. The $107.5 million loss, down to 78 cents a share, was mostly due to the significant price cut the company made to their newest product, the “Hero 4.” Who is to say it won’t be repeated on their next?

GoPro, Inc. Has an Earnings Wipeout: Why I’m Not Worried (Release: 02/11/2015):
Adam Levine-Weinberg (@AdamLLW), at The Motley Fool, expressed his lack of concern for GoPro after their earnings release in Q4 of 2015 with poor prospects saying, “ By this time next year, I expect GoPro’s current woes to be a distant memory,” justifying the statement by mentioning growth opportunities. Yet, looking at GoPro’s situation after earnings released yesterday, one can’t help but wonder if GoPro will recover by the end of the year.

GoPro Bets it All on a Holiday Miracle (Release: 05/05/2016):
Sales beat market expectation, lifting up the price a little over the ground, only to rebound once they announced the delay in their incredibly hyped new product, the “Karma” drone; one of the growth opportunities Adam Levine mentioned; it is not being released until the holiday season. This being said, Therese Poletti (@tpoletti) leaves us with the fact that analysts are skeptical whether GoPro will be able to achieve their full year revenue forecast considering the delayed launch.

GoPro delays Karma, calls it ‘much more than a drone’ (Release: 05/05/2016):
Chinese competitors for GoPro’s “Karma”, DJI and Yuneec, have already developed products satisfying their customers. Smaller competitors are also making a name for themselves in the already crowded market, not to mention the existing competition with “do-it-all” smartphones. This factor makes price cuts like the ones in “Hero 4” likely in “Karma” as well. Sally French (@SAFmedia) gives us more to consider…

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