“A brand is a living entity – and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures” – Michael Eisner, CEO Disney.

This Feature Friday you are in for something different! Call Levels has gone a long way since we started. This Friday we decided bring our users along for a ride to learn a little bit about what brought us here. Learn about our how we’ve enriched and forged our brand over time.


DBS Vickers partners Call Levels for marketing monitoring services:
(Released: 01/06/16) Our most recent milestone, announced earlier this month, is our partnership with DBS Vickers Securities, giving access to securities listed on the Singapore Exchange to our users. Deal Street Asia covered our big news (@DealStreetAsia); “The partnership aims to strengthen DBS Vickers’ retail private client trading capabilities and forms part of DBS Vickers’ efforts to enhance client engagement levels.” The article also includes Mr. Lim Kok Ann’s quoted opinion on the subject, CEO of DBS Vickers. We are proud to announce this partnership, and hope it leads to further expanding our reach in the global markets.

FinTech Firm Call Levels Making Sure ‘Buy Low Sell High!’ Gets The 24-Hour Treatment: (15/03/16) Our primary objective at Call Levels is to please our user base. Our growth has thus been charted sustainably and proportionally to what has been needed to meet the needs of our users. We thus needed to grow and expand to meet the demand for more securities, indices and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin! News caught on! In March this year, Edmund Ingham, contributor at Forbes (@HaggerstonTimes ), emphasized how fast we were growing, informing readers that we had a presence in London through Level39, London’s Fintech Hub. Furthermore, our most recent investor funding at the time was announced and generously made by 500 Startups, a US Venture Capital Firm and by Lippo Group.

This Startup Wants to Put a Bloomberg Terminal in the Pocket of Average Investors: (Released: 18/12/15) AJ Agrawal ( @ajalumnify ), CEO of Alumnify, argued that “old behemoths” in the world of finance are not immune to the innovative disruptions of the 21st century. This is evident from banks increasing their spending on innovation. Even then, certain established financial institutions like Bloomberg charge an absurd amount to the average investor for what would be considered essential information. Call Levels is one of the startups at work to challenge large and established institutions; “Think of it as a Bloomberg terminal that fits in your pocket, and is offers all the functions that an average investor needs to make financial decisions. The app has a great alert system that lets the user know whenever market trends change.” Our main goal was to make live tracking of assets available in the hands of everyone and we’re glad to have made it a reality.

They put live asset tracking in your hands: (Released: 02/01/15) Back in January 2015 The Straits Time covered our first news article as we embarked on a journey to make live asset tracking available to everyone. Our founders asserted that Call Levels would “level the playing field” between everyday investors and professionals as opposed to more expensive financial instruments. We expressed our goals of having the app do a single simple function but do it well. In the words of our co-founder, Daniel Chia, “It’s personal finance. We’re trying to simplify finance to the core, to tell people it doesn’t have to be that complicated.”

We’ve accomplished a lot since our inception in September 2014. We still have a long and exciting road ahead of us, and like to remind ourselves that greatness comes from small and humble beginnings. Stay tuned for more updates! We aim to continue delivering the best experience to our user base and always look forward to hearing your feedback.

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