Risk assets (stocks, bonds, loans) stay volatile, thanks to April rate hike fears and European markets stay shut and experience marginal relief. The surprise rise of renewable energy in emerging markets, are showing the beginning of the break between growth and emissions, ahead of trading environments decimated by oil prices.

Mustreads for the week ahead:

Why Power Markets Tilt Towards Renewables Even With Cheaper Oil: Anna Hirtenstein (@ahirtens)gives a positive overview of the energy markets, targeting the rise of renewables from research to demonstration in emerging markets. Further she notes how, the spread of renewables along with a concentrated push towards power efficiency continue to maximise gains.

China, India Surpass Developed Nations in Renewable Energy Investments: Following the UN Report on “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2016” Girish Shetti covers the Big Three countries investment activities that not only scale up their renewables industries but also prioritise economic stability

One step forward, one step back – what’s actually going on with CEFC and this ‘new’ $1 billion renewables fund: Australia continues to drive its clean energy commitment from the ground up, as it reinforces the CEFC (clean energy bank) operations to push for renewable energy investment.

The Case for Utility Stocks: Roger S. Conrad gives an in-depth analysis on utilities stocks; with positive performance(s) driven by infrastructure and growth plans. In particular, the investment activity, optimise demand and distribution to drive up earnings in renewables despite exposure to commodity prices.

And finally…

Clean Energy: Consistent Policy Required for Renewables: Author Brigham A.McCown gives an insightful overview of the necessary reformulations in policy, as forms of clean energy (particularly solar) advance and drive up investment activity in the energy landscape.