Asian markets opened mixed, with BoJ debating policy risks as the loan market freezes and inflation expectations weaken. Meanwhile, US stock indexes move as $SP500 rallies and Fed Chair Yellen’s reassurance for gradual future rate increases in the coming quarters. Positive movements in pre-market trading, sees Tesla Motors continue to leap ahead.

#MustReads for the week ahead:

Tesla Motors Says Reservations for Model 3 Surpass 276,000: The evolution of electric cars, Mike Ramsey (@MRamseyWSJ) notes the dangerous numbers game Musk continues to play. From balancing high cash flow rates, continuing quarterly losses and the challenge of ramping up production – it remains to be seen whether production can be synced with Musk’s ambitions for the “gigafactory.”

Tesla’s Model 3 could totally fail – here’s why that wouldn’t matter: Matthew DeBoard (@mattdeboard) insights builds on the culture of Tesla as a company, as well as Elon Musk’s vision to shift society towards sustainable options.

Under the hood – the wider more interesting implications of the Tesla Model 3 launch: Author Ben Metcalfe (@dotBen) gives a systemic analysis of the factors driving Tesla’s operational excellence. His eagerness is almost tangible (like most!), in recognising the business opportunity and the technology advancements that precedes Tesla releases.

Model 3 Will Boost Tesla Cars To Be Mainstream In “Beacon City for Electric Vehicles”: From Norway to Hong Kong, John Kang (@johnhjkang) positions the latter as the Asian’s powerhouse for electronic vehicles. Despite the withdrawal of the FRT waiver in 2017, such is the power of the Tesla Model 3 (and its price!) and its service centres, that most can expect to see a quicker return on their money base.

And finally…

Tesla’s take-off could speed Saudi shift away from oil: Stephen Bartholomeusz gives a succinct macro perspective prompted by Tesla’s “iPhone” moment; as Saudi Arabia takes on hedging oil prices. A key indicator of the shift towards diversification to account for higher-cost production, Saudi Arabia seems to begin its long-awaited management strategy to manage exposure.