From #SuperSaturday in the US to China’s reform, which side will win economic growth?

While Asian markets opened higher in the face of the US hiring surge, following Friday’s non-farm payroll report; it remains to be seen if the push for recovery will be balanced as stimulus and reform measures are implemented.

Find out what’s been making the news:

Playing Around With Prices: Michael Schuman (@MichaelSchuman) methodically breaks down the logic behind reforms in policy and unorthodox “never tell me the odds” stimulus programs (BoJ, we’re looking at you) that look defy the push towards long-term growth.

We’re About To Find Out How Close We Are To China’s Line in the Sand: Something’s gotta give and give it will, (for better or for worse) accordingly to superstar analyst Charlene Chu’s succinct observations on China’s foreign exchange reserve balances. Time to trace the line and see whether the projected $70B decline will follow as the economy transitions.

Trying To Explain Trump in Beijing: Benjamin Shobert uses a staying phrase, in looking “through the prism of the Trump campaign” to examine China’s political model and its responses to the American electoral campaign.

What Fearful Investors Really Want For China’s Future: Author Nicholas Consonery (@nconsonery) gives a much-needed overview of the considerations from 13th Five Year Plan to headline targets to be covered in the upcoming National People’s Congress (NPC) session.

Some light reading to round off…

Wookienomics: A quirky Star-Wars influenced academic piece, it takes economic concepts of trade partnerships and global asset allocation strategies (“market force”) to new galaxies.

Remains to be seen which of the two states will be forsaken and whether the “dark side” fails; as the global economy chases long-term growth and stability…