Hey Readers! As members of the Fintech community, it’s our duty to give a boost to fellow applications or websites that do our community justice. Henceforth, we’re starting a new series dubbed #FintechShoutouts. Our pioneering article introduces none other than Peeptrade – An award-winning financial information platform and social network that allows people to “peep” into the success of the best investors in the markets.


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Peeptrade today

Ever wondered what sets the best investors apart amidst present day financial turbulence? Wherein lies the secret behind top traders’ success such that they can consistently outperform regardless of the market cycle? With Peeptrade, you can now see the portfolios and the daily trading activity of top investors!

Peeptrade's App Interface

Peeptrade’s App Interface


On Peeptrade’s platform, the investment history of a particular key trader is complemented by a wide range of interactive tools, graphs, and research documents, helping users build better performing equity portfolios in a convenient and digestible format via one’s desktop, tablet or mobile device. Serving as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for investment information, the platform also acts as a live social network for traders, allowing them to share knowledge, build relationships, and discuss developments in the financial markets. Third party investors can thus gain a transparent and competitive edge with insights into top traders’ portfolios, trading history, returns and exclusive opinions. The one special thing: Peeptrade is integrated with more than 1,000 brokers and financial institutions!

Peeptrade Dashboard

Peeptrade Dashboard

Peeptrade is a great tool that complements Call Levels as it takes your monitoring and financial needs to the next level, improving your returns and trading strategies. While we at Call Levels specialize in specific asset tracking, Peeptrade gives you a broad and holistic overview of structured portfolios managed by key players in the industry. What’s interesting is that Peeptrade recently added push notifications to alert investors if their stocks are within the stocks with the most movement.



The Peeptrade story

Juan Mendoza, the founder of Peeptrade is an avid trader of the financial markets. Prior to his venture, he used to work in the financial sector at JP Morgan and BBVA. Despite the 2008 financial crisis, he had a great trading year. This prompted him to question how he would be ranked among all the clients of the broker he used. Unfortunately for Juan, there was no reliable information he could look at with the exception of possibly biased paper trading contests.

He thus began brainstorming to meet this need. After conferring with some of his friends, he thought that trading information belonging to individuals has some value, especially for investors that have consistently good returns. This was the brainchild for Peeptrade.

Juan and his team created a marketplace where investors can share what they are trading with their own money in real time by linking his or her brokerage account with Peeptrade. Then, they can monetize their information and knowledge by setting a price for other investors to see their portfolios and trading activity. This fee is miniscule compared to institutional services, and Peeptrade’s inception is everything Juan envisioned.



The edge

For too long, investors only had access to investment research that is difficult to decipher, and riddled with conflicts. The financial services industry is not meritocratic or transparent, and self-directed investors are the ones paying the price!

The philosophy behind the creation of Peeptrade resonates strongly with that of Call Levels as we both call for the democratization of financial information. We embrace our retail investor user base, and offer the necessary monitoring tools to succeed amidst volatile and uncertain markets at more than affordable rates. Ultimately, we’re trying to level the playing field by making self-directed investing simple and easy for the everyday investor.



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The appeal

Peeptrade’s platform appeals not only to millennials familiar with social networking, but to anyone seeking to learn more about investing, as well as those who want to make self-directed investing simpler. As such, Peeptrade’s primary audience spans over 40 million self-directed investors just in the United States. This is a conservative estimate because, again, Peeptrade was designed for those seeking to learn more about the markets and how they work.

Similarly, here at Call Levels, we aim to simplify self-directed investing. Call Levels allows individual investors to track assets prior to creating a position on a said asset, for free. Tracking prices and looking for entry and exit points becomes accessible at your fingertips, without any external broker assistance. Like Peeptrade, we simplify and make financial services accessible to a wide range of individuals. 

Best of all, serving as a complementary service alongside Peeptrade, Call Levels gives users a more focused approach, tracking specific assets within featured portfolios on Peeptrade. 

Want to know where the assets are moving while you’re away from the desk? Call Levels provides that edge. Once you hone in on your targeted assets, you can look them up again in Peeptrade’s web or mobile interface on both Android and iOS.

The synergy is delightful.  



What’s next for Peeptrade

Peeptrade has recently launched major app enhancements with their latest Android and iOS updates, including push notifications to alert investors if their stocks are within the stocks with the most movement. If you are a US-based investor and interested in finding out how Peeptrade works, they are running a Trading Contest with a $6000 cash purse ending on August 31st 2016.