The markets waits with bated breath to see if this is the day when the US Federal Reserve starts hiking its interest rates for the first time in many years. Expect tremendous volatility in USD, Gold and Tech Stocks regardless of the result. Be safe and track it with Call Levels now.

Prices for CL.NYMEX has been increasing. Will it rise past 37.0?

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Trading updates

The S&P500 fell to test the 1990 support in the overnight session before rebounding to close higher after technical buying helped oil prices bounce with US Stocks following suit. The main reasons for the sell off at present are falling oil prices and the falling high yield bond market which are not new unknowns in our opinion. At this juncture, it is make or break time for the S&P500 and the Index will need to start rallying from around these levels or risk a much deeper correction playing out in the form of the red path.

Watch SP500 at 2050

SP500 @ 2050

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Green: The Index consolidates around the current 1990 level before rising again to take out the all time high.

Watch SP500 at 1940

SP500 @ 1940

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Red: The Index falls from here to test the 1700s with a potential to extend to the 1570s. This would still not invalidate a longer term bullish scenario, with the bounce that follows likely a determinant of the longer term trend direction. The key warning sign of this scenario playing out is the market breaking through 1940.

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