I was talking to an academic recently who told me that he viewed Price as “just a number”. I can understand why: in economics, with efficient markets, the price of an asset is just the sum of all information in the market. A lot of academic studies hence focus on “mispricings”: ugly anomalies easily whisked away by the hand of a benign deity. Price is nothing more than a symptom.

For many of us who have lived in the markets, price has a life of its own, with the ability create manias and shocks by itself. And if your wealth or job depends on prices, you live each day putting everything into the hands of Caprice and Mischief. Price is more than a number, something to respect, because you know that regardless of what you think, in the end, the price is always right.

We’re thankful for a lot of feedback at Call Levels, and users have been urging us to include more asset classes as quickly as possible. We are trying hard to do so, while being as deliberate as possible. This is because at Call Levels, we respect the price as much as possible.

The truth is that good, clean, well monitored data is expensive and not easy to source. We obtain costly data from exchanges, and have a team building a system dedicated to monitoring and checking these feeds so that they are as accurate and timely as possible. During the testing process, we had many instances where we checked our systems versus other online sources, and thought that we were wrong, only to find out the public data was late, lagging or just plain wrong.

For many people, they are forced to use these sources, or worse, get them from platforms where prices would be even more biased against them. We want to change this. We understand that bad prices means lost opportunities for our users, and hence take extraordinary care to respect the price and make sure we are as timely and reliable as possible. We have had fund managers compare us favorably to extremely expensive systems out there.

This is why, even as we introduce oil, commodities and equities prices, we are deliberate and take care to ensure that everything makes sense. I’m committed to ensuring that our Call Levels prices should be good enough to be traded on, and having done this for billion dollar funds, it is a high bar to aim for. Thank you for your support and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we grow Call Levels to the most reliable service out there for all investors.