How Tumblr Can Save Yahoo: Author Mark Coatney gives a quick overview of Yahoo ($YHOO)’s company structure, its unique offerings as well as evaluate the persisting influence of its brand equity that are likely to impact its acquisition trajectory going forward.

Yahoo Investor Starboard Value Pursues Full Control: Brian Womack (@brianwomack) notes the power of Starboard as an activist investor and its successful history influencing Red Lobster and Staples.

Daily Mail In Talks with companies for Yahoo takeover: Mark Sweney (@marksweney) notes Daily Mail and its parent company General Trust are well positioned to make a bid for Yahoo ($YHOO). Indeed, he notes “the US is the Daily Mail’s primary driver for growth” and outlines how Yahoo ($YHOO)’s web audience spread across mediums would work well for the acquisitor.

A Yahoo-Daily Mail merger could turn the internet into “the worst kind of tabloid”: Conversely, Heather Timmons (@HeathaT) breaks down the post-merger impact(s) on the public, should Yahoo ($YHOO) merge with Daily Mail. With the latter having seen numerous lawsuits from gossip, pointed references to religious and racial perspectives — the trajectory for Yahoo’s audience remains weak.

Why Verizon Wants To Buy Yahoo: Timothy B. Lee (@binarybits) goes all the way back to Verizon ($VZ)’s acquisition of AOL ($AOL), exploring its (lack of) commitment to nurturing software innovation. With Yahoo ($YHOO)’s value as less than sum of its parts, it remains to be seen whether even last-ditch efforts to sell the actual company will push forward recovery.