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Technology giants round off the stage this week… a buildup to Apple’s earnings call out next Monday.

Amazon Challenges Netflix by opening Prime to Monthly Subscribers (Release: 21/04/2016): Nick Wingfield (@nickwingfield) examines AMZN’s decision to take on Netflix, as it expands its content offerings and rework its pricing strategies to broaden its customer base.

Alphabet Inc Q1 Earnings: Falling Ad Rates at Google Hit Revenue, Profits While Losses Expand at ‘Other Bets (Release: 21/04/2016): Michael Learmonth gives a succinct overview of GOOG‘s product offerings and their impacts on the giant’s overall total revenue and profitability rations. From discounted ad rates to currency headwinds, GOOG is nonetheless well-positioned to maintain its explosive growth rate and reverse any negative implications.

Microsoft Sells Off After Earnings Miss (Release: 21/04/2016): Jonathan Weber notes despite MSFT strong revenues performance, its EPS estimates downgrades share price value in after hours trading. From an operational perspective and balanced valuation, MSFT continues to be a stock to watch for this year.

Starbucks Revenue Rises 9%, But Falls Short of Expectations (Release: 21/04/2016): The coffee shop giant may see double-digit profit growth, but Lauren Gensler challenges the impact of lower than expected gains. Nonetheless, with expansion plans galore, SBUX looks like its only getting into high gear as its customer loyalty program expands.

And finally…

Visa Cuts Its Quarterly Earnings (22/04/2016): Reuters report on V’s strong profits, despite revenue cuts. However, the bid to buy its European arm has seen the deal move towards higher cash consideration, away from cash and convertible preferred stock.

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