With earnings across financial institutional firms like UBS, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup underperforming analyst projections, focus has been on FinTech players & influencers to continue transforming the global economy. Indeed, FinTech industry has seen record-breaking highs, prompting Wall Street experts depart to disrupt.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fintech industry, all in one infographic!

Watch USDJPY at 118.29

USDJPY @ 118.29

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C @ 40

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AAPL @ 100

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Trading updates

The S&P 500 continued to rally following the BOJ decision to ease further and has not broken over the 1907 neckline to the upside. Current momentum should see the pair move higher with the potential to see the pair reach the 1960-1990 levels. The coming sessions as a result should prove bullish for the S&P500.

POSITION: LONG 1,000 XIV @ 22.47

Watch SP500 at 1900

SP500 @ 1900

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