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NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) Stock Hits 52 Week High on Promise of Virtual Reality: (Release 21/05/16) This winner takes it all; NVIDIA Corporation hit an all-time high on Friday, closing at $44.33, up 25% in the last week and up 73.91% since February 9th. Author insists that NVIDIA is not merely a tech stock caught up in the trend, but the “tech crown jewel” powering the transformation in artificial intelligence and machine learnings. That being said, its recent stock price may only be the beginning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) progress fails to convince all investors: (Released: 25/03/15) AI hardware aside, advanced asset management is turning into artificial intelligence techniques, where tech-savvy investors believe they can find trends and hence, beat the market. Citing Osman Ali, fund manager at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, “Machine learning and artificial intelligence is going to play a very large role in quant managers, but also with traditional asset managers that are aggressively expanding this space.” However, Robin Wigglesworth (@RobinWigg) poses the idea that these tools are somewhat of a mouse trap and scepticism is pervasive amongst some quants that machine learning and artificial intelligence are no more than “marketing gimmicks”…and it looks like it’s working.

Goldman Sachs is a tech Company: (Released: 12/04/15) Jonathan Marino gives us an insight from a former Goldman Sachs engineer that says that CEO Lloyd Blankfein would give a speech every year about how GS is a tech company. According to Business Insider, they have a total of 9,000 engineers and programmers in their workforce, including “programmers fluent in technology to optimize trading” amongst their headcount, suggesting how “seriously investment banks regard technology as a means of security and infrastructure.”
However, the company has not been enjoying prime financial times, so to speak, having declined 16.46% since October last year. Generally they are downtrending – underperforming the S&P500 by 17.87%. Dakin Campbell (@dakincampbell) describes the tension being created with shareholders because of Lloyd Blankfein’s compensation plan, effectively making him the best paid executive in Wall Street, leading to one of the largest proxy advisory firms – ISS – citing that CEO pay “remained relatively high despite lagging company performance” in objection.

And finally, will slow and steady win the race to the bottomline?

Cisco Stock: This Could Be Massive for Cisco Systems, Inc.: (Release 22/05/16) On Thursday many companies gave Cisco (CSCO) a buy rating; considering these companies were Citigroup Inc, Deutsche Bank, and Piper Jaffray, among others, Jing Pan argues that something must be very lucrative about it. He contributes to our perspective when he makes the point that while being a tech company, Cisco is not a disruptive one and does not have the ability to compete like other companies in the technology sector today. Actually, the company has an established presence and it is struggling to realign their business moving workloads and operations to the Cloud, yet they had incredible earnings and beat the market expectations in their latest reports.