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Call Levels set for $EURUSD over the weekend. Get notified (on mobile!) when it hits 1.11.

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Call Levels for OIL $CL_F set near 46 this week. Get notified when it hits 46.1.

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Call Levels set for $ETSY this week are near 14. Get notified on mobile when it hits.

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Igor Gonta
Market Prophit
What do you do?

I am the CEO of Market Prophit (www.marketprophit.com) Market Prophit is a financial Big Data analytics company that analyzes stock-related chatter in social media and generates a variety of signals for retail and institutional investors. We also quantitatively score and rank financial bloggers based on the accuracy of their stock market commentary and track record of predictions thus allowing investors to find bloggers with potentially high quality of information.

Where do u think the market is going next?

I think the market is going to be range bound until the next Fed meeting as people await the results of whether the FMOC will lift interest rates or delay them until the next meeting. Right now, the market is trading in a very reactionary way to outcoming data from China and the emerging economies and all eyes are on the US Dollar as the global reserve currency. While the US economy seems to be doing well, it isn’t immune completely from other countries due to the strong interlinking of global capital flows as well as trade. So until there is a decision made by the Fed at the September meeting, it will be a market I believe that will be driven by reactionary sentiment which will swing both ways hence increasing volatility.

Watch the NFLX for 118.53 in the next month

$NFLX @ 118.53

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Note: These opinions are my own and are not views of Market Prophit. Market Prophit is a data company and not a financial adviser. Please see our full disclaimer here: www.marketprophit.com/disclaimer

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